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Would you hit the dance floor with a mask and no drink?

Some restrictions are still in place at local spots, but many are just happy to be back inside

We're rapidly approaching the second weekend in Step 3 of reopening, and while dance floors are technically allowed to be open, some businesses are opting to wait until things return to a more fulsome state of normalcy.

Current restrictions mean masks still have to be worn when walking around indoors, and you can't have a drink in your hand.

"People just don't seem to be as interested, you know. It's pretty tough to mix and mingle when they don't have that liquid courage in their hand," laughed Adam Cole, operator of Prohibition Warehouse and Kentucky Bourbon & BBQ in Uptown Waterloo. "As far as I can tell, people seem pretty content with the way things are, especially with this gradual reopening. Every single step, people get more and more excited, and it kind of offsets that need to get back to 100 per cent normal, for a temporary timeframe."

For now, the joy of returning to restaurants and bars is also enough for many to stave off the need to go wild on the dance floor, and Cole doesn't see a need to reopen Prohibition Warehouse's dance floor anytime soon.

"Once things have fully reopened, I think that's the way to go. Do people really want to be up, dancing around with a mask on, when you can't have a drink in your hand? Even if you could have a drink in your hand, and you have to have a mask on, just the mingling of a bunch of people seems like an odd concept to me at this point."

Music also has to be kept at a conversational volume, which could make things a tad awkward in the typical clubbing scene.

Cole hopes the return to normal happens by September, so that local businesses can take full advantage of the student rush.


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