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See the stars sparkle tonight in Waterloo Park

Clear skies make it a perfect night for checking out the cosmos
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Members of the KW Astronomy Club are setting up their telescopes tonight for their Moonlight Madness Star party.

It's a free event for the public to join in and discuss and ask questions about the night sky.

Maybe even check out a planet or two.

The event was originally set for Wednesday, but was pushed back to Thursday evening for better weather conditions

Jim Goetz is the media rep. for the club, who says that the clear skies will provide the perfect viewing party along with the moon being almost full tonight.

"There's a line on the moon between the dark side and the light side and it's along that line that we call the terminator that you can actually see the real features the moon. You can see much more detail than just looking at a full moon," he says mentioning that people are free to bring their own telescopes and binoculars, but not too worry if you don't have the equipment. There will be telescopes set up for people to try out.

"We're going to have four planets. This summer is very good. We have Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. I was out last night and they're up there and it's pretty good," he says.

Goetz says the group hopes the event to spark people's interest in all things astronomy. The group has been around since the 1950s and was even incorporated the Royal Astronomical Society since 1984 with 150 members.

"Hangout and whatever we feel like we want to study or learn or talk about what's up in the night sky or anything to do with the physics it or is or like that. We just talk about it and we just have an interest in it," he says.

The event begins at 8 p.m. by the bandshell in Waterloo Park.

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