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Scaled back Valentine's Day ideas

Streaming movies, hiking, karaoke and virtual meets ups
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Valentine's Day will be scaled back this year thanks to the pandemic.

As restaurants remain closed for in-person dining, it might be a day of Netflix and chilling.

Streaming services have been the saving grace for many during the pandemic and they will come in handy during this Valentine's Day, as movie theatres remain closed.

Eleanor Ty an English professor at Wilfrid Laurier University says one option for people to watch could be the popular series 'Bridgerton' on Netflix.

"In Bridgerton, in the society of 1813 there so much rigidity and control I suppose the same way we have a lot of rules during the pandemic."

She also says this Valentine's Day may require more effort and creativity than years past and karaoke may be one form of entertainment.

"I have heard of people doing fun things like karaoke together indoors because you can buy home sets and sing-alongs and I think one of the things we miss most is the social aspects of our lives."

Although Valentine's Day has generally been celebrated by couples, Ty says the day doesn't have to be celebrated by romantic partners.

"I think there is no need to make Valentine's a heterosexual romance it can be also seeing friends reaching out to people you haven't seen in a while this could be relatives, cousins, your mother and close friends."

Ty says even though you can't go out to a restaurant another alternative would be to go cross country skiing or taking a hike if you are feeling cooped up inside.

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