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Postal worker strike impacts printing industry 'dramatically'

A partner with a local printing company says mail campaigns from charities see a large impact by rotating strikes
Photo credit/ Canada Post

The holiday season is right around the corner, with Black Friday just days away.

It's also that time of year with the tax season winding down, some charitable organizations are engaging in their direct mail campaigns to get last-minute donations.

But those campaigns might be seen a bit earlier, thanks to the rotating Canada Post strikes.

Joe Dwyer, a partner with the Waterloo-based printing company "Twin City Dwyer Printing," says the strike action impacts the printing industry "dramatically" in a couple of ways.

"(Charitable organizations) are asking people to give money, it's the right time of year, it's before the end of the tax year and this is when an awful lot of them happen," he said, "What occurs for them is they mail out, they got to get it into people's hands hopefully before the middle of December, and then people write a cheque back to the charity."

"If we're not sure that's going to get to people, we don't want to invest in it as a means of reaching out to people...people might cancel their campaigns right now."

Dwyer adds there's a sense that their customers are "feeling awkward" about what to do.

And with those questions marks, Dwyer says people move away from using paper products more and more.

"Every time there's a strike, they move further and further away from using paper," he said, "They're not going to send cheques, they're going to do eTransfers.  They're not going to send invoices in the mail, they're going to do it by e-mailing a PDF or sending a fax."

Dwyer adds since it's rotating strikes and not a complete dead stop in delivery, the approach he's recommending is to get things in early.

"We've all known that the strike was coming for quite a while so basically, get (the campaign) out as soon as you possibly can, work with us to get it into the mail," he said.

"As long as it gets into the potential donor's hands before the Christmas season hits, then you're in pretty good shape."

Workers in Kitchener walked off the job Monday as part of the rotating strikes.

It's the second such time they've done so since the action began nationwide last month.

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