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Ontario-based company creates pandemic-forecasting system

Scarsin CEO Paul Minshull says so far, the Ontario government has not shown interest in the technology
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An Ontario-based company tells 570 NEWS they have a system to help more accurately predict the effectiveness of COVID-measures within public schools.

CEO of Scarsin, Paul Minshull said with their forecasting system, they are able to track old data to help predict the future spread of the virus.

"Nobody has a crystal ball, but when you take the data that's coming in everyday and you're able to put these things in, you can start to get reasonable insights on what's coming. Remember that what you're seeing today in terms of cases, is a measure of what was happening weeks ago. There's always a lag. So if you're not looking forward, then you run the risk of making bad decisions."

Minshull said the government so far has not looked into using Scarsin's pandemic forecasting service.

"It has been incredibly difficult to get the government to actually even take a look at what we've done -- which to be honest, has been a very big shock to us. So to be honest at this stage, we've pivoted more to the private sector and away from public health, simply because they seem to be too reactive to look at how it can help them."

He said the pandemic forecasting system is helping private organizations take a more guided approach to their COVID response.

"So when you think of large companies with operations coast-to-coast, they're making decisions everyday somewhat blindly as well. So having a better understanding of that informs a lot of decision-making in terms of localisation ... so you know, what's the probability things are going to close in this region versus another."

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