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Online shopping is gaining popularity

While everyone is still faced with the COVID-19 pandemic
online shopping
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As non-essential businesses have closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, many have decided to turn to online sales. 

The shift to online has been around for a while with large companies such as Amazon and Shopify, which has helped small businesses establish their online model. 

"So many of them have unique offers, and many of them are fairly comfortable online ... and they didn't (realize) they have completely new costumers," said Felix Arndt the John F. Wood Chair in Entrepreneurship at the Department of Management at the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics. 

Arndt mentioned small businesses are now using services such as Amazon to help sell their unique products.

"They have unique offers that you don't find everywhere and that are difficult to find ... and now that you can bring them out to the world by using the large platform that enriches our landscape." 

As we get through the pandemic, the push for online services has been more widespread and may shift buying habits in the future. 

"So we will probably see slightly different consumer behaviour as people are becoming more familiar with online offers ... (especially) for those who have not seen it before because they didn't want to, or because it was not necessary," said Arndt. 

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