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Indigenous Student Association of UW protests in support of Hawaiian peoples

The sacred land of Mauna Kea faces desecration by an organization that the University of Waterloo is a part of
UW Protest
Cali Doran/KitchenerToday

As members of the Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy, the University of Waterloo is funding and supporting another telescope that is set to be put on Mauna Kea in Hawaii. 

There are currently 13 telescopes there already, and another one could be detrimental to the land. 

The ISA believes this is an act of colonial violence, as they are stealing land without the permission. 

"Native Hawaiians have not given their consent ... this is going to destroy and dismantle a sacred site," said Sydney Hannusch, the organizer of the protest.

She explained why they are standing in solidarity. 

"As Indigenous people we understand and we know what you are going though, trying to amplify that and do what we can do as allies for native Hawaiians, because when things are happening for us our allies come and step up and we want that for them too."

She says the protest helps to brings about awareness, so staff and students at the university understand whats happening. 

"What we are trying to do is get the university to be held accountable for what they are doing and we want them to pull out their support and funding, as this act is violent toward native Hawaiians."

A media representative released a statement on behalf of the school, "The University of Waterloo respects the right of every individual and group on campus to express their views in a safe and respectful manner. We have been in touch with the ISA and would like to sit down with them to hear more about their concerns. We are interested in hearing the interests and concerns of all members of our campus community and are committed to sharing those views with the TMT group."

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