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Ford government doesn't know how sex-ed curriculum works: Local ETFO President

Teacher union reps. are reacting after the government's announcement yesterday
Doug Ford
Premier Doug Ford. Chris Young/The Canadian Press

School board representatives are reacting in Waterloo Region after the government's announcement yesterday.

Instructions from the Ford government are still not clear enough for school board members and teaching staff. Greg Weiler, the President of Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario, Waterloo, says one of the issues with the Ford government's latest announcement on sex ed is that it's still missing additional information on what teachers can say or include.

"So it's unclear. Does that mean that teachers can't say and include those things. Or would it -- as it would normally be -- up to the teacher's professional judgment to make that decision? And there's been no clarification on that, in any way, from the short announcement we heard yesterday," Weiler told The Mike Farwell on 570 NEWS.

Weiler says school boards are now being put in a position of having to interpret the government's intentions.

He says this confusion will only lead to more misinformation for parents and teachers alike.

School boards in Ontario don't have any say whatsoever on curriculum.

In a nutshell, it is devised through consultation by the province, and then delivered to teachers.

Weiler says it is clear to school board officials that Premier Ford may not know how exactly the process works.

"Curriculum documents are not lesson plans. They're not scripts that are handed to teachers that they follow line-by-line. This new curriculum -- which is really an old curriculum, is not something that teachers simply take and read from in the classroom. It's just an outline of what's supposed to be covered."

Weiler says teachers have always had the freedom to decide how they will reach learning expectations outlined in the sex ed curriculum.

He is now asking the province to clarify their intentions regarding the sex-ed curriculum.

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