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Faith leaders raising awareness on climate change for Earth Day

Ten local faith groups have chosen to display a banner, raising awareness on climate change

This Earth Day, faith leaders across the region have taken a stand against climate change.

Scott Morton Ninomiya, a member of Faith Climate Justice Waterloo Region, said this is a crucial decade to raise awareness and take urgent action to protect Earth from extreme climate change.

"We've asked faith communities to hang a banner on their place of worship that calls for that climate action we need, the climate justice we need. We have ten faith communities that have answered this first call. There is a Jewish community, a Hindu community, several different Christian communities, Mennonite and Lutheran."

He said people of faith have a duty to protect Earth -- and he is urging faith leaders to act right now.

"Putting up a banner in some ways is the least we can do but I think it's a really good start because it puts that public message out there for people to say 'that faith community that I drive by everyday or walk by everyday has a banner up. I'm going to ask my place of worship to put one up -- or what about another community organization that I am a part of.. can we get a banner?'"

Ninomiya added faith and science both have a shared responsibility to save the environment.

"Even if you are skeptical about science or if you think 'this may be at odds at what my scripture tells me or what my faith tells me,' there's a common belief that we need to protect what we are inheriting from our ancestors and also taking care of for those who come after us -- our children and those who come after us."

The faith centres participating this year are:

  • Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church
  • Brahmarishi Mission of Canada, Shri Ram Dham Mandir
  • Temple Shalom Reform Jewish Congregation
  • Westminster United Church
  • Rockway Mennonite Church
  • First Mennonite Church
  • Waterloo North Mennonite Church
  • Trillium Lutheran Church
  • Emmanuel United Church
  • St Jacobs Mennonite Church
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