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Daylight saving time will impact your workday on Monday

It might take you until Wednesday to readjust
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Daylight saving took place on Sunday morning, with everyone losing an hour of sleep, but will it affect your workday on Monday?

According to one expert, the simple answer is yes, it will.

Not only that, it might affect you until at least Wednesday, and that is where you will probably have to adjust.

Lindie Liang, assistant professor at Wilfrid Laurier University told 570 NEWS sleep deprivation can do some unusual things to you.

"It can increase interpersonally inappropriate behaviours and reduce worker productivity at work."

Liang called it "cyber-loafing," where workers will spend most of their time on entertainment websites as opposed to doing work. Unfortunately, employers are also more prone to give workers a sound scolding for doing something wrong.

"Leaders tend to mistreat their employees more, so they lose more self-control."


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