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City of Cambridge already prepping for the winter commute

The City of Cambridge says the initial salt order for a winter season is around six-thousand tons
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While you may be thinking about a warm day at the beach, some staff with the City of Cambridge are thinking about the upcoming winter season!

"It's ironic when you're just coming off one of the hottest days of the summer and we're already thinking about salt and the winter maintenance," says Hardy Bromberg, Deputy City Manager of Community Development.

"We begin our winter planning at the beginning of August and that's when we're getting into winterizing our equipment, reviewing our mapping, we also look at ordering the materials, and arranging training, there's all sorts of things that go into the perpetration for the upcoming winter season."

He says the city has also started stocking up on the salt supply.

"Our initial salt order is for six-thousand tons," says Bromberg. "We have, in the past, used anywhere upwards of seven to eight-thousand tons but we start off with six-thousand tons and see where that takes us."

And that's not all, Bromberg says they are also mapping plow routes and collecting information on roads opening up or closing due to construction.

"There may have been roads that are open that were previously under construction, new roads that the city has acquired through additional subdivisions, as well as new proposed construction that may close down certain roads."

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