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Catholic school board reflects on 'history of silence' in wake of BLM movement

The Director of Education with the WCDSB says the movement invites both reflection and action
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The Waterloo Catholic District School Board says it is reflecting, and taking action against racism.

Loretta Notten, Director of Education with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, says reflection is necessary on the history of silence or any unconscious biases.

"It's more than just about a demonstration, it's more than about just reflection, it is about action. And as we move into this new school year, that is my commitment to you as director."

Notten says the recent Black Lives Matter movement has given them the opportunity to reflect.

"We will be reflecting on our hiring practices, on our safe schools' practices, and on our curriculum. I don't want to suggest that it hasn't happened in the past. I am proud of the equity committee and the work that they have done, and all that happens at Waterloo Catholic in that regard."

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