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Arts Fund awards over 30 grants

The fund is one of the few granting bodies in the country that awards grants directly to artist-led projects
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The Region of Waterloo Arts Fund announces 33 grants for a total of $218,100 in response to proposals submitted by artists and arts organizations throughout Waterloo Region.

The Arts Fund initially received 70 requests, for a total of $655,960. After the first round of evaluations, 49 applicants seeking a total of $389,557 were invited to submit more detailed Stage 2 applications from which the 33 grants were ultimately selected. Since it was established in 2002, the Arts Fund has supported 739 projects for a total community investment of $4,021,980.

The mandate of the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund is to contribute to the creative vitality in our community by providing meaningful grants and other advocacy support to individual artists and to arts and culture organizations. 

The Arts Fund is one of the few granting bodies in Canada that awards grants directly to artist-led projects. Often these supported projects are able to attract additional funds through earned revenue, grants from provincial, federal or private sources, sponsorships, private and in-kind donations.  

The Arts Fund Board invites applications in the spring and fall of each year for projects that will occur within the following 12 months. The goal in the longer term is to enhance the ability of an artist or arts organization to make more art happen through future projects. 

In June 2019, the Arts Fund announced that with a donation from the Good Foundation, there would be an additional $40,000 to distribute in the fall 2019 granting cycle through the usual intake.  No separate application was required for these new funds, and grants were awarded according to the Arts Fund’s usual adjudication process. The Arts Fund is tremendously grateful for this donation.

Waterloo Region now generously allocates the equivalent of 67 cents per capita to the Arts Fund so that the people of Waterloo Region may benefit from the vibrancy of the arts and culture sectors. Created in 2002, the Arts Fund is a not-for-profit corporation served by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Arts Fund provides arms-length funding for the performing, visual, media and literary arts. It welcomes grant applications in all arts disciplines from individual artists and arts organizations based in the Region of Waterloo (comprising the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo and the townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich).

The grants awarded in the fall 2019 round are listed below:  

Good Foundation supported grants:

  • Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area (CAFKA) - Gordon Hatt (Kitchener): $15,000 for commissioning, producing, and presenting "White Elephant", a new sculptural installation by renowned Canadian artist Shary Boyle, to be installed in the Kitchener Public Library Reading Room during the CAFKA 2.0 Festival
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Community Orchestra - Janice Boich (Kitchener): $4,400 towards the commissioning, arranging, and presenting of an original contemporary Canadian classical orchestral composition
  • The New Quarterly - Emily Bednarz (Waterloo): $13,500 towards creating and producing 24 podcast episodes of interviews with local and national authors exploring parallels between their creative and working lives
  • Open Ears Festival - Richard Burrows (Kitchener): $10,000 towards an Art and Sound Walk featuring music and art pop-up guerilla performances at various locales throughout the region
  • Waterloo Chamber Players - Rebekka Fry (Cambridge): $5,000 to commission a new composition by Ben Bolt-Martin to be presented at an upcoming concert by the Waterloo Chamber Players

Organizations and Collectives:

  • Age of Majority Singers - Megan Brenneman (Waterloo): $5,500 for original compositions and arrangements to be presented at an upcoming choral singing event 
  • Cosmic Fishing Theatre - Viktorija Kovac (Waterloo): $10,000 for scriptwriting, development, workshop presentation, and audience feedback collection and incorporation, towards a new version of Ionesco’s "Le Roi se Meurt (Exit the King)"
  • Ekleipsis Guitar Trio - Mariette Stephenson (Cambridge): $5,000 towards commissioned music by four local composers for inclusion in upcoming concerts and a planned CD release
  • Midtown Radio Project - Danielle Deveau (Kitchener): $8,250 towards creation, production, and presentation of a series of radio drama collaborations with local theatre companies
  • Neruda Arts - Isabel Cisterna (St Jacobs): $4,500 towards presentation of "Feel the Music", a concert specially conceived and executed for the hearing impaired
  • North South Entertainment - Laureen Kuhl (Waterloo): $9,250 for script and music development towards a workshop presentation of a new musical - "I Once Was Lost"
  • Page 1 - Isaac Mulé (Kitchener): $3,500 for "Queer-Prov", a series of comedy improv events focused on the LGBTQ community
  • Project UP (Unleashing Potential) - Shama Saleh (Kitchener): $6,000 towards a film entitled "Because of Her, I Am", focused on the experiences of Black Muslim mothers in the Region
  • Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre - Eda Dede (Kitchener): $5,500 towards a ceramic art mural representing the generosity of The Sanctuary’s donors, volunteers, patients, supporters, and neighbours
  • Textile Magazine - Andrew Myles (Waterloo): $10,000 towards creation and production of "Issue II: Spaces", devoted to recording and representing a diverse series of co-creative collaborations between local writer-editors and various local groups including Indigenous youth, high school students, and diverse or marginalized writers
  • THEMUSEUM _ Jenna Ashfar (Kitchener): $3,000 towards "Melting Ice", a multimedia art installation focused on climate change, particularly as it impacts Canadian northern environments
  • University of Waterloo Art Gallery (UWAG) - Ivan Jurakic (Waterloo): $3,000 towards the series of performance art events entitled "This Could Be The Place"

Individual Artists:

  • Susan Coolen (Kitchener): $2,500 for production of 14 artist nature collection books to be presented to the Kitchener and Ayr Public Libraries
  • Nelson Dunk (Elmira): $18,000 for "Handmade", a docuseries of six episodes for Bell Media focused on local artisans and the maker culture of Waterloo region
  • Jason T Green (Waterloo): $8,500 for live-performance creation and production of foley-based audio to be used in "The Fable Forest", an audio drama/podcast series of stories
  • Elfie Kalfakis (Kitchener): $1,000 for installation of a series of art pieces with themes of collective empowerment among women entrepreneurs in local and Regional venues
  • Vincent Marcone, aka My Pet Skeleton, (Kitchener): $9,400 for "Tornographers", a series of collaborative, time-based art-making collage events to be filmed and presented in various venues including projection on the Kitchener City Hall Cube Sky Gallery
  • Ahmad Meree (Kitchener): $10,000 towards a workshop production of a new play entitled "I Don’t Know" depicting the impacts that fear and anxiety universally have in shaping an individual’s life choices and experiences
  • Pamela Mulloy (Kitchener): $6,000 for production of a final manuscript of her historical literary novel "As Little As Nothing"
  • Mary Neil (Kitchener): $5,000 for collaborative community music-making compositions created in a variety of local settings, and presented online and at the KW Multicultural Festival
  • Mary-Catherine Pazzano (Kitchener): $2,750 towards a concert presentation of Judy Garland’s songs at the Registry Theatre
  • Amanda Rhodenizer (Waterloo): $5,550 for a series of large-scale works on canvas inspired by local female and non-binary STEM workers
  • Richard H Stephens (Cambridge): $5,000 for locale and story research towards "The Wizard’s Gallows" an epic fantasy book series for young adults
  • Eduardo Soto-Falcon (Kitchener): $5,000 towards creation, production, and public presentation of 3 episodes for the proposed audio drama/fiction podcast series "Y2K Redux"
  • Steve Sugrim (Waterloo): $2,000 towards a short animated film "Miss You Mom" featuring music by local musician Roberta Harrison
  • Jeff Szpirglas (Kitchener): $6,000 for writing "Tales from Beyond the Brain Volume 3" a collection of approximately 12 horror stories for middle school-aged students 
  • Jessie "T" Treneer (Kitchener): $8,000 towards production of a 7-track CD of her original country songs
  • Stephen W Young (Waterloo): $2,000 towards a trailer for a proposed "History Meets Mystery" TV series based on historical events in Waterloo Region


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