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A company that produces antibodies is joining the fight against COVID-19

With help from their partners, PlantForm is responding to testing and treatment needs
PlantForm production Feb 2016
Photo by Owen Roberts

PlantForm is focused on the rapid development and production of antibodies and protein drugs. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, PlantForm has teamed up with domestic and international partners to help create diagnostics for people who have been infected and their recovery. 

"We measure how well their immune system has worked to combat the virus," said PlantFrom President and CEO, Don Stewart. 

They are also developing a therapeutic, something that could be used either to help with patient recovery or prevention for frontline workers. 

"It's what's called prophylactically, which is where it's given to first responders like nurses and doctors who potentially could be contaminated by the virus ... and this protects them ... it's another layer of protection," said Stewart. 

The virus has the potential to re-occur, or re-introduce similar viruses. It could create four sub-types, and the virus could mutate.

With these factors in mind, this could bring a second, and even a third wave of the virus. 

PlantForm and their partners will respond, and use different tools to prevent additional outbreaks to occur.

"It's interaction at many different levels between the physicians on the frontlines, national labs, companies like ours and the universities all working together on these problems," added Stewart. 

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