Automated speed enforcement cameras now in operation

FILE PHOTO. A photo radar notice sign in Cambridge.

New technology may help tackle speeding on our local roads -- and help ensure the safety of children in school zones.

Automated Speed Enforcement will be implemented for the first time in Waterloo Region.

They are equipped with a camera and a speed measurement device and can capture and record images of vehicles driving over the speed limit in school zones.

Bob Henderson, the region's manager of transportation engineering, said this more advanced technology may be part of the solution to a speeding problem seen across the region.

"It's a measure not only to enhance the safety for kids walking to and from school, but it also slows down speeds in areas that people live as well."

He added the region is getting ready to install more automated speed enforcement systems at schools across the region.

"So the next eight sites are planned to go in another eight locations, at schools across the region. Each of the locations were selected by the municipalities and the region and we're hoping to get both of the sites installed by the end of the year."

He said the region is administering this program on the behalf of all local municipalities.

"We didn't want to leave anybody out of the program so that's why there is one camera in each of the municipalities at this point in time. There's another camera in each of the seven municipalities over the next phase, by the end of the year."

The eight schools chosen for the first phase of implementation are:

  • Cedar Creek Public School, Hilltop Drive, Township of North Dumfries
  • Foundation Christian School, Katherine Street, Township of Woolwich
  • Franklin Avenue Public School, Franklin Avenue, City of Kitchener
  • Keatsway Public School, Keats Way, City of Waterloo
  • Laurentian Public School, Westmount Road, City of Kitchener (Regional Road)
  • New Dundee Public School, Bridge Street, Township of Wilmot (Regional Road)
  • St. Clement Catholic Elementary School, Lobsinger Line, Township of Wellesley
  • St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary, Guelph Avenue, City of Cambridge


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