City of Waterloo council approves 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

“A leader in sustainability and a future-ready community for all.”

That’s the vision outlined in the City of Waterloo’s new strategic plan approved unanimously by council Monday night.

It also includes a new mission statement and updated Guiding Principles that capture the values of the community. These values will be on the mind of councillors and staff as they make decisions.

Mayor Dorothy McCabe told CityNews that everyone was very positive about the plan and that the community seeks bold leadership from this council.

“The community was very well-engaged and told us that they are really looking towards the future and to a more climate-friendly city, a more transit-friendly city and a city that’s more future-ready.”

Both Ward 4 Councillor Diane Freeman and Mayor McCabe were very proud that the group was able to build on the work of past councils instead of starting over new.

“Waterloo has a healthy turnover of council,” said McCabe. “It’s good that there is still that ability to continue the strategic plan and build on it rather than tear things down.”

The plan was created after months of extensive community engagement, information sharing and conversations between council, staff and the community, but the work isn’t over yet.

According to the city, the new strategic plan will be implemented through the budget and business planning process and as well as the new Community Conversations initiative, which will be launched in the fall.

You can read more about the plan here.

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