Breakthroughs in Careers helps individuals find meaningful and fulfilling careers

By Danae Ingram

Breakthroughs in Careers recognizes the importance of a fulfilling career that aligns with an individual's interests and strengths. With over 20 years of experience in helping individuals overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives, the company offers assessments to help individuals identify their hard-wired career paths.

Did you know that 80 per cent of people are generally dissatisfied with their current jobs? Breakthroughs in Careers offers insightful assessments that identify with 99 per cent accuracy the specific career paths that people are hard-wired to both excel in and enjoy.

The dynamic assessment process helps match clients with a career based on the cognitive skills required to be successful in a particular industry.

A Brain Skill assessment measures 27 areas of cognitive function and offers unparalleled insight into career success. By comparing one’s brain skills to the requirements of hundreds of careers, it is possible to discover the ones a client will not only have the skills for, but actually enjoy.

As well, the assessments are based on the ‘big six’ traits, which include openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, and creativity. By analyzing these traits through subjective and objective questions, Breakthroughs in Careers can determine the most suitable career options for its clients.

Career Specialist and Director of Breakthroughs in Careers, Matthew Turton, emphasizes the importance of finding a happy medium in one's career.

He believes that making informed decisions can minimize the need for changing majors in school or frequently changing jobs. He says, “By identifying an individual's true passions and aligning them with their skills and interests, we can help clients find meaningful employment that they enjoy and can succeed in.”

Turton says that he recognizes that many people get into jobs for the wrong reasons, such as the perception of glamour, money, or social expectations. “Our assessments help individuals identify their genuine interests and strengths, allowing them to pursue a fulfilling career that is in line with their goals.”

Are you a student trying to figure out what courses you should be taking? There are thousands of courses to pick from. Why waste time and money taking the wrong ones? By choosing the right classes, you will be on a better path to a meaningful career.

Are you an adult currently working or trying to find a career that aligns with your skill set and passions? You will work over 100,000 hours in your lifetime. Breakthroughs in Careers wants you to LOVE your job.

Schedule a free consultation with a Career Specialist. Consultations provide an opportunity to discuss a client’s passions and help find their true north. Get started today!

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