Inaugural Habsburg Haus kicks off this weekend for six-day celebration

By Josh Goeree

The first annual Habsburg Haus is kicking off celebrations Friday at the Alpine Club in Kitchener.

The six-day event, presented by the Alpine and Transylvania Clubs of Kitchener, will take place from Oct 7-15. The name  “House of Habsburg,” comes from the 11th century dynasty that controlled the areas where the founders of the Alpine and Transylvania Clubs originated from.

Dietmar Biselli is the president of the Alpine Club. He said on the Mike Farwell Show on Tuesday that the club is working with Waterloo Brewing for two specialty Oktoberfest beers for the event. This year, the club will also feature pig tails made by the Transylvania Club along with apple strudels handmade by Alpine Club members.

“We're looking forward to welcoming our patrons in the hall and seeing people again in this building,” said Biselli.

Family Day at Habsburg Haus will be on Thanksgiving Monday. On Wednesday, local German Clubs will compete in a dance competition called “So You Think You Can Tanz.”

Tickets are available online at the Alpine Club's website.

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