AFYA Skin & Body and Nutrition Balance deliver a fresh attitude toward healthy body image

By Danae Ingram

We all know that true beauty runs deep. But in the journey to help clients meet their weight loss goals, traditional programs can merely scratch the surface. The Bodysculpt program by AFYA Skin & Body in Waterloo goes deeper by combining their acclaimed Evolve body contouring system with fresh, healthy meals by Nutrition Balance. The result is a proven fat-fighting combo that targets even the most stubborn fat, while empowering clients and boosting their confidence.

Laura MacDougall, Vice-President and co-owner of AFYA Skin & Body recognized a program that could be tailored to their client’s individual needs. “We believe that women and men deserve to feel confident in their skin, and everyone has a different idea of what “beautiful” means to them, and what “confidence” means to them.” For this reason, the new Bodysculpt program is largely directed by the clients themselves. “We’ll listen to what they think, how they feel, and what they want to work on to achieve those goals. It’s our goal to help clients achieve those results. Everything else falls short.”

The definitive way to attain a weight loss goal is to rid the body of fat cells. The Evolve body contouring system does just that by permanently destroying those cells. “Our technology uses radiofrequency and heat that travels through your intercellular fluids to poke “microholes” in your fat cells and at that point, your brain will determine that the damaged cells should be removed,” MacDougall explains. This connection to the brain is the crucial element that is missing from some surgical and clinical weight loss treatments, and the reason why fat can reappear over time. With Evolve’s “TRIM, TONE & TITE” system, however, the fat cells are damaged, skin is tightened, muscles are toned and the brain and body are ready to rock.

Once the body is in fat-burning mode, the Nutrition Balance meal program goes to work and fuels the body as it targets the visceral fat that traditional methods can miss – that layer of dangerous fat surrounding the organs below the muscle.

For Laura MacDougall, the decision to bring Nutrition Balance on board was personal. “I tried the program and it literally changed my life,” she says. “I did it for nine weeks and I lost 23 pounds. I had energy and loved my food. Nutrition Balance changes the perception of what food does for you, and what food is. Now there is no guilt around food.” This positive relationship with food will, in turn, leave the mind and body in an even stronger position to burn that fat.

Nutrition Balance provides fresh, delicious meals that are fully prepared and ready to heat and eat. Nutrition Balance is an Ontario-based supplier of nutritious and healthy ready-to-eat meals, plus ongoing support and encouragement by professional nutritionists. Clients enjoy four meals and snacks daily, fully prepared and delivered fresh to their home.

Book a no-cost, no-pressure assessment

AFYA Skin & Body welcomes women and men of all ages and body types to begin their journey with a complimentary assessment. The AFYA team will recommend a treatment program and walk you through the entire process. Once you get started, you will be provided with ‘journey photos’ along the way to help you see how your body is transforming. Says AFYA Brand Manager Sarah Tennent, “We take journey photos to show you the progress you've made. We believe you are more than just a ‘before’ or an ‘after’. This is a journey of self love.”

“You deserve to have someone do this for you. You deserve to be strong and feel beautiful. We have the best technology, the best treatments and the best results. And, we have a charisma in the clinic that’s going to give you the energy to reset your mind to feeling like you’re worth it. Every second.”

Find AFYA Skin & Body at 192 King Street South, Waterloo.  Contact them at (226) 686-1314 or online at

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