‘I accept the decision of the people of Cambridge’

By Blair Adams

It was the biggest upset of the municipal election in Waterloo Region.

Doug Craig missed out on a chance to represent Cambridge as mayor for a sixth term.

He was defeated by former MPP and provincial transportation minister Kathryn McGarry.

“I think what was out there, when I was going around was a fatigue issue about the same person and time for a change … that was very much an undertone everywhere I went,” Craig explained.

“As much as I wanted to dismiss that and put it aside, that didn't happen. I've had 18 years and I'm very proud of those 18 years … proud of my city and life moves on … I'm now in retirement mode.” he told The Mike Farwell Show on 570 NEWS.

Craig was first elected as mayor in 2000.

Some of the work he's most proud of in his 18 years as mayor includes the Old Post Office project, the construction of the pedestrian bridge over the Grand River and raising the profile for arts in the city, citing the Dunfield Theatre (now Hamilton Family Theatre) as one example.

“The city … has grown and certainly become a more livable community. I think in terms of the river system we have here … I think all these things together are a reflection of who I am, what I believe in and where we've come from.” he added.

Craig, who seemed in good spirits, says this is part of life.

“Politics is … and our democratic system, it works, works well, I'm proud of it and I accept the decision of the people of Cambridge.”

What's next for Craig?

He says he's got 45 days to pack up 18 years worth of mementos in his office.

Craig adds he's not worried about himself.

“My concern is for my family, friends and my staff at city hall … I have to work through that and that's not easy … I'm at an age where retirement has been looming for a while,”

He will be mayor until November 30.

McGarry received over 13,000 votes, Craig was second with just over 7,300.

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