School board trustee candidate calls out sitting MPP for endorsing competitor

By Jeff Pickel

The race for public school board trustee has sparked controversy. 

Long-time trustee John Hendry is calling out sitting NDP MPP Catherine Fife for canvassing with trustee candidates. 

Hendry says he has never seen a Provincial or Federal representative endorse a candidate in this way, 

“It's my view in Waterloo Region over many years, this is probably a precedent, governments at the federal and provincial level just don't interfere at the local level.” said Hendry. 

Hendry says Fife is also misusing taxpayer funds.

“We are looking at someone who is using your tax dollars and my tax dollars to pay her salary and she is out campaigning, I find it very distasteful, I find it shameful.”

Candidate Samantha Estoesta is one of the candidates that Fife has given a push. 

She says Fife has experience with the school board and is able to give a legitimate opinion on who she feels is best suited for the job, “Catherine used to be on the school board, she has an extensive amount of respect for the time or work that goes into it, the time commitment, and she hasn't given me anything that would come out of anyone's tax dollars.” said Estoesta. 

Hendry says he consulted with the clerk's office who says Fife is within her rights to campaign and endorse candidates. 

The school board trustee election is held October 22nd as part of the larger municipal election on the same day.

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