Local advanced polling stations open up for people with no fixed address

By Aastha Shetty

Two advanced polling stations, targeting people without fixed addresses popped up at two locations on Thursday.

One was at St. John's Kitchen and another one at Ray of Hope Community Support Services.

Ray of Hope Program Director Jessica Van Es, said it is important that people without addresses are also given an opportunity to vote.

“It's something that hasn't been previously offered at our community centre, and it provides an opportunity for everyone to have their voice heard in our community.”

Van Es said the initiative is crucial for increasing voter access.

“Without an address, without identification, a lot of the times our folks have lost their identification or it's been stolen, so they haven't been able to access the polls, to be able to say 'yes this is who I am, I am a resident of Kitchener, and I would like to have my voice heard in this region,” said Van Es.

Approximately 20-30 people voted at the Ray of Hope location on Thursday.

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