Kitchener woman stands in solidarity with local abortion clinic

By cceolin

A group of women have gathered on the lawn opposite a Kitchener abortion clinic in a show of support.

Today marks 30 days that Sarah Robertson has been standing outside the Freeport Hospital on King Street, to defend the women going inside, and take a stand against a pro-life vigil that’s also set up on the grass across from the hospital.

Robertson says she knows what it was like, when she had to go through with a termination last year, to feel the shame, guilt and judgement from anti-abortion activists.

“I’m just a chick with a sign who got tired of seeing all the ‘Pray to end abortion,’ and ‘Heartbeats at 21 days’ signs,” she says.

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that’s been staging demonstrations in Kitchener for the past seven years. Both Robertson and participants of 40 Days for Life will be there for 40 days.

“I’m providing a different point of view out here next to them,” says Robertson. “If they weren’t here, I wouldn’t have to be here.”

Ewelina Widerska is a coordinator of Kitchener’s 40 Days for Life and says their goal is to let women know that they have other options — not intimidate them.

“Women want to know because a lot of them are pushed into having abortions,” Widerska says. “We will help them in whatever way they need. We would never push a woman to not have an abortion … We would work with her to help her and make her realize that she’s carrying a human being.”

Widerska says women have decided against abortion because of their movement, adding since the 2017 campaign began in September, nationally that’s meant 336 lives saved.

Robertson says she’s not there to protest the protesters, but rather remove the abortion stigma.

“We both agree we don’t want this conversation to stop just because the 40 days are over,” she says. “This is a health care choice … I wouldn’t be ashamed of getting lumps removed or having my appendix out.”

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