Guelph Police warning of scam involving a caller claiming to be with RCMP

Guelph Police are warning residents of a telephone and internet scam involving someone who says they are from the RCMP.

The caller says they are with a bank or credit card company working with the RCMP to conduct an investigation, claiming there have been suspicious transactions on the victims account. Police also say the caller is able to provide information on legitimate transactions made on the victim’s account, to gain their trust. The caller also requests remote access once the victim logs into their bank account, and shows them that large deposits appearing to be from the RCMP have been made. Victims are then asked to withdraw those funds and send them overseas to India and Turkey via Western Union – Money Grams.

Turns out, the large deposits were actually transfers from their own line of credit or credit cards.

Guelph Police remind people that the RCMP and security investors from banks, will not call to request assistance from the general public with investigations.

If you have been a victim of fraud, or know someone who has, you’re asked to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by e-mail at or call 1-888-495-8501.

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