Cambridge man uses music to inspire others

A Cambridge man is using the power of song to spread his message of hope and perseverance.

38-year-old Peter Lawryniuk suffered a brain injury when he was seven years old following a bicycle accident.

“I was hit by a car while riding a bicycle and was in a coma for 11 days. I needed to re-learn everything over again, walk, talk, eat and use my muscles. It was just like starting out as if I was a baby again.”

Lawryniuk was sent to McMaster Hospital in Hamilton during his recovery process and with some hardwork, was able to rehabilitate himself.

“I am walking and talking now. I’m also driving a car and volunteering and working.”

Since his hospital stay, Lawryniuk has kept positive by giving back to the community and by creating music.

“I wanted to put together a song about my accident, and my friend Bruce Mutton who is a music teacher, we wrote a song together called ‘Miracles’. I wanted to share this song with everybody to encourage them to not give up, and that there is hope after a brain injury.”

Lawryniuk sings his songs at local community centres and incorporates it into his volunteering. He says his music’s main goal is to not only share his story, but to inspire others.

“I just hope people that listen to my music can say, if he can do it; I can do it. I hope it encourages them to not give up and to move forward, and not backwards.”

Lawryniuk adds that he still makes music and is working on a new song currently.

You can see his video ‘Miracles’ by clicking here.

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